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How to Switch your OSHC Insurer to get a Refund

  1. Purchase a new policy from OSHC Australia

    OSHC Australia will guide you to a policy that is low cost, but still offers everything that the Australian Government requires in an OSHC policy. Your student visa will not be affected. We will send you your new policy within 2 minutes of purchase.

  2. We send you a cancellation form

    OSHC Australia will send you, via email, the required cancellation form. You should fill the form out with the information from your original OSHC policy.

  3. Send cancellation form to old insurer

    Send the completed form along with the certificate sent to you in step 1.

  4. Wait for your refund

    Within 4 weeks, according to your old insurer, you will receive the refund for your remaining old policy (less any processing fees). As the per-month refund is higher than the per-month cost of your new policy, you will have money in your pocket!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Switching

We know you've probably got some questions about switching. We've answered common ones we've heard here, but if you've got any more then feel free to get in touch at

Will changing insurers affect my Student Visa?

No. All insurers on the OSHC Australia website are approved by the Australian government for Student Visa purposes.

How long will it take to get my refund?

Unfortunately we can't control the timing of your refund. Our experience indicates that providing the instructions we provide are followed, your refund will take approximately 4 weeks. If your refund is taking longer than this, please contact us.

How much did I pay for my OSHC?

To find out how much you paid for OSHC, you'll need to do one of the following:

  • Find your original payment receipt for your OSHC cover; or
  • Contact your current insurer, and ask them for the price of your cover.

If you need to contact your current insurer, you can call them on:

  • Allianz/OSHC Worldcare - 13 6742
  • Medibank - 134 190
  • AHM - 134 246
  • Bupa - 134 135
  • NIB - 13 16 42

My current provider is my institution's preferred provider. What do I need to know?

Some policies from preferred provider arrangements provide added benefits to students. These benefits may include:

  • General: On campus offices for information and claims.
  • Allianz/OSHC Worldcare: Reduced waiting periods on obstetrics and pre-existing psychiatric conditions.

You should enquire with your current educational institution if you wish to understand the added benefits of a preferred provider arrangement.