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Compare your options and meet your Australian visa requirements without paying too much.

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OSHC is a visa-length cover - you need to get a policy that covers the entire length of your student visa.

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Meet your visa requirements.

OSHC Australia only offers policies by the OSHC providers mandated by the Australian Government as eligible to fulfil your international student visa requirements.

Lower your cost of OSHC.

By comparing with OSHC Australia, you could, on average, save up to $300 on your OSHC policy.

Compare all OSHC providers.

OSHC Australia is the only place where you can compare all six Australian government-approved OSHC providers in one place. Explore the features and pricing of all providers to make the right decision for you.

Fast turn-around.

In most instances, you will receive your OSHC certificate within minutes of purchase. We will get your OSHC certificate to you in no more than 24 hours.

Part of the OSHC Australia Group.

The OSHC Australia Group is trusted by thousands of overseas visitors.

If OSHC is not right for you, we also offer:

Multilingual support team.

Our friendly and knowledgeable multilingual Australian-based team are available by phone or email to ensure you get the right policy for you.
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OSHC Australia is powered by Cohort Go. Pay your OSHC, tuition, and other study-related expenses with Cohort Go to save even more on your policy with competitive foreign exchange rates and no fees, ever!