Medibank Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Are you a student planning to study in Australia? If so, you will need private health coverage. Navigating the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) requirements can seem overwhelming. Discover why Medibank overseas student health cover might be the right choice for your Australian journey.

Why Choose a Medibank OSHC?

Medibank OSHC policies provide students with comprehensive coverage that meets the requirements set by the Australian government. With Medibank OSHC cover, you not only fulfil student visa obligations but also gain access to a network of trusted healthcare providers. Relax and enjoy your studies, knowing you're covered for doctors' appointments, 24/7 health line support, and more.

Fulfill Student Visa Requirements

All overseas students must have adequate hospital and medical cover (OSHC), whether applying for a new visa, extending a visa, or on a bridging visa. Medibank Overseas Student Health Coverage meets all requirements, ensuring full compliance with Australian Government regulations for student visa applications (subclass 500).

Consult with an Online Doctor

OSHC Medibank policyholders enjoy 24/7 access to qualified medical consultations from the comfort of their homes. Connect with a doctor or healthcare professional online anytime, day or night. The bill is sent directly to us, ensuring a hassle-free virtual healthcare experience.

Access the 24/7 Medibank Student Health and Support Line

Help is just a call away. The Medibank Student Health and Support Line at 1800 887 283 is available for round-the-clock assistance. Access health advice, counselling, emergency legal guidance, travel document assistance, interpreter services, and more. 

Benefit from Student Rewards Plus

Unlock exclusive perks with Student Rewards Plus through the Medibank OSHC app. Enjoy money-saving opportunities, job assistance, and skill enhancement to support your Australian study journey. 

What are the OSHC Medibank Cover Options?

Flexible Medibank private OSHC options adapt to your changing needs, whether you're a single student, part of a couple, or a family. Easily transition between cover types as life evolves – switch from Single to Couples when adding a partner, or move to Family or Single Parent when including a dependent child.

Essentials OSHC

Medibank OSHC Essentials cover is structured to meet the health insurance requirements for the student visa across all types of courses. Tailored to address hospital and medical needs, it includes comprehensive coverage for Hospital, Medical, Pharmacy, and Ambulance services.

What Does Medibank OSHC Cover?

Medibank OSHC Essentials

Visa compliance

  • Complies with Australian Government regulations for student visa holders (subclass 500)

Hospital cover

  • Comprehensive coverage for all non-excluded treatments
  • No excess 
  • Accident and emergency department facility fees may incur gap fees

Ambulance Cover

Access unlimited emergency ambulance services across Australia. Whether you need immediate attention or transportation to a hospital, our coverage ensures you receive prompt, professional care when needed.

Hospital Cover

Access comprehensive coverage that provides benefits for both accommodation and medical expenses related to covered hospital procedures. Coverage encompasses fees for doctors, specialists, surgeons, and anesthetists. 

Out of Hospital Treatments

Medibank OSHC covers inpatient medical services, General Practitioner (GP) consultations, and other out-of-hospital medical services such as blood tests and x-rays. Additionally, enjoy coverage for Allied Health services billed with an MBS item number.

Waiting Periods

Ambulances, accident and emergency departments, and hospital psychiatric services have no waiting periods. For all other covered services, waiting periods range from zero to 12 months for items like pre-existing conditions and Obstetrics.

How to Make a Medibank OSHC Claim

Make a Medibank OSHC claim easily online. Register or log in to ‘My Medibank’ on the Medibank website or App. Choose 'Make a claim' and follow simple instructions to submit. Benefits are paid directly to your bank account or sent by mail. 

Alternatively, make claims using your membership card, mobile phone, post, or in-store.

Compare Medibank’s OSHC & Receive Your Policy Certificate in Minutes

Discover the benefits of Medibank OSHC now and receive your policy certificate within minutes! Take your first step toward living in Australia. 

FAQs About Medibank OSHC

What is Medibank OSHC? 

Medibank OSHC is a tailored health insurance solution for international students in Australia. The policy provides the required coverage to meet visa requirements and give students access to health services throughout their studies.

Does Medibank OSHC cover dental? 

No, Medibank OSHC does not cover dental procedures. Additional Extras cover is required to support these costs.

Does Medibank OSHC cover eye tests?

No, Medibank OSHC does not cover optical. Additional Extras cover is required to support these costs. 

How do I get a Medibank OSHC card?

If you’re new to Medibank, you can use your digital card before your physical card arrives in the mail. 

How to activate Medibank OSHC policy?

If you purchase OSHC online, you're a member from the moment you arrive in Australia. Pay before arriving; otherwise, your start date is from your first payment. 

If you purchase in Australia, your cover starts the day you join.

Does Medibank OSHC cover public hospitals? 

Medibank OSHC allows you the option to be treated as a private patient within a public hospital or be admitted to a private hospital.

Does Medibank OSHC cover blood tests?

Yes, Medibank OSHC covers various out-of-hospital medical services like blood tests.

Does Medibank cover GP visits?

Yes, Medibank OSHC provides cover for General Practitioner consultations up to 100% of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

Does Medibank OSHC cover ambulances?

Yes, Medibank OSHC provides unlimited ambulance cover.

Does Medibank OSHC cover optometrists?

No, Medibank OSHC does not cover optometrists. Additional Extras cover is required to support this cost.

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