AHM OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)

Having Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a visa requirement for international students studying in Australia.  Learn more about the benefits provided by Australian Health Management (AHM) OSHC policies before finalising the purchase of your health insurance, and make sure your provider meets your visa and personal requirements. 

Why Choose a AHM OSHC?

AHM student health cover is designed to meet the needs of international students living in Australia. Recognised as putting the well-being of its members front and centre, AHM overseas student cover provides peace of mind so that international students can focus their efforts on their studies without having to worry about paying for medical care if they fall ill or have an accident.

Providing comprehensive health insurance with an easy claims process and 24/7 access to key student health and support phone services, it’s easy to see why AHM was awarded ‘Outstanding Value’ for OSHC by Canstar in 2023.

Student Visa Requirements

The Australian government has mandated OSHC for international students studying in Australia. Notably, for prospective policy-holders, AHM’s OSHC policies comply with Australian student visa conditions. 

Choice of Doctor or Specialist for Medical Treatment

Given that International students are not eligible for Medicare, Australia’s national healthcare system, AHM’s OSHC policies provide peace of mind, allowing students to receive hospital and medical treatment and select doctors and specialists of their choice. 

Access to AHM OSHC 24/7 Student Health & Support Line

By calling 1800 006 745, AHM OSHC members can access a range of support services in 160 languages at any time of the day or night. These include:

  • medical support and advice from a registered nurse
  • counselling services
  • legal advice
  • assistance with travel documents
  • support in adjusting to life in Australia and navigating the health system
  • a family and friends messaging service. 

Flexible Options for Extra Coverage to Ancillary Services

AHM OSHC gives you the option to include extras cover. This allows access to a range of ancillary services such as dental, optical, and physiotherapy. 

What are the AHM OSHC Cover benefits?

There are three main cover benefits with AHM OSHC - medical, hospital, and prescription medicines. There is also the option to tailor coverage with extras for ancillary services. 

Medical Cover

Medical cover insurance covers you for 100% of the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee on general practitioner consultations and for medical services provided to you when admitted to the hospital, including surgeon and anaesthetist fees. 

For medical services provided outside of hospital, such as specialist fees, as well as some allied health services, 85% of the Medicare Benefit Schedule fees are covered. 

Hospital Cover

AHM’s OSHC hospital cover will pay benefits towards services you receive when admitted into hospital. Covered services include hospital accommodation and intensive care unit, same-day hospital admissions, surgery fees, surgically implanted prostheses, in-hospital doctors’ services and in-hospital diagnostic tests. 

The extent to which these services are covered depends on whether you are being treated in a partner private hospital, non-partner private hospital, or public hospital. 

Coverage also extends to ambulance transportation Australia-wide. 

Prescription Medicines

When it comes to medication prescribed to you by your doctor, AHM student health insurance will cover the difference between the current Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme amount and the cost of the item, up to $50 per item. For singles, the amount that can be claimed is limited to $300 per calendar year. For couples, the cap is $600 per calendar year. 

Benefits will not be paid for over-the-counter medications.

What Does AHM OSHC Cover?

The AHM OSHC policy typically covers visits to general practitioners, hospital treatments, ambulance services, a large portion of diagnostic tests required in hospital, and a portion of prescription medications. 

How to Make an AHM OSHC Claim

There are a number of ways that you can make an AHM OSHC claim. Remember that AHM will only pay benefits for claims that are lodged within 2 years.

  1. Online or via the AHM OSHC app

Claims can be easily submitted online using an Online Member Services account or alternatively using the AHM OSHC app. Simply log in, provide details about the claim, upload your receipts, and make sure that we have your correct banking details. 

  1. Online via the Online Claims Form

You can submit an Online Claims Form online at the AHM OSHC website. Fill in the required personal information, including membership number, name, date of birth and email address, upload your claim document, and submit. 

  1. Post

Complete the OSHC claim form and post it along with copies of your receipts to:

ahm OSHC

Reply Paid 88995

Wetherill Park Bc NSW 2164

Compare Our AHM OSHC Provider Services & Receive Your Policy Certificate Today

Comparing AHM’s OSHC health insurance services is easy. Visit our online comparison table to learn more about the different international student health insurance offerings. Applying for cover is quick and easy. Submit your application and receive your policy certificate today. 


How do I claim AHM OSHC?

You can make a claim with AHM by:

  1. Using the OSHC app
  2. Using the Online Claims Form
  3. Mailing your Claims Form

What does AHM OSHC cover?

AHM OSHC cover includes benefits toward hospital and medical costs while you are studying in Australia, such as:

• Visits to General Practitioners and specialists 

• Treatment by doctors in hospitals

• Pathology tests and x-rays

• Hospital accommodation costs 

• Prescription medicines 

• Emergency ambulance transport 

• 24 hour health advice from a registered nurse

Some services may still incur out-of-pocket fees. This is when the medical service or treatment costs more than the benefit payable by the insurer. Review each policy carefully and call AHM student health insurance to clarify costs and discuss queries. 

Can I ask for a refund of my AHM OSHC cover? 

There are some circumstances where AHM will cancel your OSHC policy and refund all of your premium, such as if you don’t end up coming to Australia to study or you applied for an extended stay but your visa was not extended. 

AHM will also refund unused portions of your premium in circumstances where:

  • you have to cancel your studies and return home
  • your visa is cancelled or your status changes
  • you’ve been granted permanent residency or another Australian visa
  • you didn’t remain in Australia for at least 3 months while holding a student visa or
  • you leave Australia after completing your studies but before your student visa expires.

Does AHM OSHC cover dental?

Dental care is not covered by AHM OSHC insurance. However, there are flexible options with extra coverage that you can choose from. Dental services are ancillary services that can be added on to your health insurance. 

Does AHM OSHC cover eye tests?

AHM OSHC medical insurance covers 85% of the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee for allied health services such as eye tests. 

How to apply for AHM OSHC?

Applying for AHM OSHC is easy - just visit AHM’s OSHC website and follow the prompts. 

How to extend AHM OSHC?

Extending your cover is easy. You can either extend by:

  • Calling 134 148
  • Using the OSHC app
  • Visiting ahmoshc.com.au 

Is AHM the same as AHM OSHC?

AHM’s OSHC cover is merely a type of health insurance offered by AHM. AHM also offers other insurance products and is owned by Medibank.

What is my benefit code AHM OSHC?

Your benefit code can be found on your health insurance certificate.