CBHS Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) 

CBHS International Health is a leading provider of health insurance to overseas students and visitors to Australia. CBHS health insurance helps cover your medical costs in case you get sick or have an accident in Australia. CBHS Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policies are specifically designed to meet the requirements of a 500 Student Visa.

Why Choose CBHS Health Insurance?

CBHS International Health is committed to the health and happiness of all its members. That’s why CBHS insurance offers essential health services and benefits for international students in Australia. In fact, CBHS OSHC meets the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) student visa requirements. In other words, it’s 100% compliant with your student visa insurance requirements..

Visa Compliance

The Australian Government requires you to have continuous OSHC for your entire stay in Australia, unless an exception applies. This means that you'll need to pay for your OSHC policy upfront to cover the whole period of the student visa you’re applying for. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of having your visa application rejected.

Get Help 24/7

CBHS is committed to looking after your health during your stay in Australia. That’s why you can call them at any time on any day and in any language. No matter what time zone you’re in, their medical, interpreter and personal assistance helplines are available for you 24/7.

Member Offers

CBHS International Health partners with a number of service providers designed to maximise the value you get from your membership with them. This includes their partnership with Australia’s largest bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. They also partner with IELTS  (International English Language Testing System), an international standardised English language proficiency test for non-native English language speakers.

Instant Certificate After Purchase

As part of your student visa requirements, you’ll need to show Australian immigration that you already have OSHC for the entire duration of your stay in Australia. This means you’ll need to pay your full CBHS OSHC policy premium upfront. Once you’ve paid, an email with your OSHC confirmation of cover letter will be immediately emailed to you.

National Choice Network

When you need medical care from a CBHS provider, their national Choice Network will help you find a nearby doctor to give you the right care. Choice Network is an online CBHS provider portal to help you access an online doctor (telehealth or video consult), face-to-face doctors, after-hours doctor home visits and other services.

CBHS Insurance Plans for Students

CBHS currently provides two insurance plans for overseas students. Overseas Student Health Cover Standard is only available for current OSHC Standard policyholders. It is being phased out and replaced by a new plan - Overseas Student Health Cover Essentials. Both plans are similar, with a significant difference that the newer Essentials plan provides coverage (up to 85%) for a Chronic Disease Management Plan prepared by a GP.

Overseas Student Health Cover Standard

This plan is exclusively available to current OSHC Standard policyholders. The only change which can be made to this existing policy is to update the cover dates. Current members also have the option to change their cover to the newer Essentials plan.

Overseas Student Health Cover Essentials

The Overseas Student Health Cover Essentials plan is available for new purchases. It meets all of your visa requirements and gives you instant confirmation of your cover. It provides CBHS hospital cover, accident and emergency services, both online plus face-to-face doctor services (out-of-hospital), as well as pregnancy and related services.

What Does CBHS OSHC Cover?

CBHS OSHC covers consultations from doctors within their network, both online and face-to-face. It helps cover treatment and accommodation when you are admitted to a hospital as an inpatient. It provides emergency transportation directly to a hospital and helps cover some benefits for prescription medicine.


CBHS out-of-hospital medical treatment includes:

  • Online Doctor - You can book a telehealth or video consult through Choice Network.
  • Face-to-Face Doctor - When you need to visit a doctor in person, you can find a doctor through Choice Network.
  • After-Hours Doctor Home Visits - When you need urgent after-hours care, call 1800 719 795 in Australia. (Refer to your level of health cover for eligibility.)
  • Emergency Doctor for Kids - Call 1800 312 611 for an after-hours emergency kid’s doctor. (Refer to your level of health cover for eligibility.)

Hospital Cover

For emergency treatment at a public hospital, CBHS OSHC will pay the rate determined by State and Territory health authorities for:

  • Shared ward accommodation for overnight or same-day stays.
  • Operating theatre, intensive care and labour ward fees where attendance leads to an admission into the hospital.
  • Emergency department facility fees.

For emergency treatment at a private hospital where an agreement exists between CBHS International Health and this hospital, CBHS will pay 100% of the cost as set out in the agreement with the hospital for:

  • Private or shared accommodation for overnight or same-day stays up to the relevant service limit.
  • Operating theatre, intensive care and labour ward fees.
  • Reimbursement of emergency department facility fees.

Emergency Transportation

CBHS pays 100% of the charge for emergency ambulance services. This includes cover for all recognised road and air ambulance transport which is medically necessary for admission to hospital. Also covered is emergency treatment at the scene because of an accident or medical emergency.

Prescription Medicine

For medicines prescribed by your doctor either in or out of a hospital, you will pay a set amount towards the cost. This is the current Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) amount. CBHS will pay the remainder up to a maximum of $50 per item. This is subject to annual limits.


CBHS OSHC does not cover extras services such as treatment by dentists, glasses and physiotherapy unless this treatment is related to a hospital stay and is included in private hospitals where CBHS International Health have a current contract in place.

Cover Exclusions

Specific exclusions to CBHS health insurance for overseas students are: assisted reproductive services, elective cosmetic surgery or laser eye treatment, high-cost or experimental medicines not listed on the PBS​​ and MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule) item numbers not performed by a Medical Practitioner.

Claiming CBHS OSHC

Claiming with CBHS International is fast, simple and efficient. You can make a CBHS claim using their mobile app, or you can make a claim on-the-spot when you visit or consult online with a Choice Network doctor. When you visit a Choice Network doctor, present your CBHS International membership card and photo identification, and the medical centre may bill CBHS directly.

Compare CBHS’ OSHC & Receive Your Policy Certificate in Minutes

At OSHC Australia, we want your time in Australia to be special, happy, and safe. Compare our CBHS OSHC cover and get an instant quote. Once you’ve paid for your cover, an email with your OSHC “confirmation of cover” letter will be immediately sent to you.